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Hi, I'm Bernie Horvath, author of The Home & School Science Activity Books. As a science teacher, the lessons and experiments in our books have been the most popular in my science classes. We have presented and attended at NSTA and state science conventions in Missouri, Kansas, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Indiana, Wisconson, Kentucky and Ohio to name a few. A special thanks to all of those who have attended our science demonstration workshops and many

of you who visited our booth. Look for  The Home & School Science Books at future science conventions. 

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                      k    Hi, I'm Kevin Horvath, designer                             and publisher of The Home &

                            School Science Activity Books.

            hh            These books are a great additional resource for children learning science and also for those who are science challenged. And it's a book wrtitten in everyday language!



Here's what they are saying about the top selling science activity books out today! 

• This book is written in everyday language and make science less intimidating.......Christy Mudd

• I really like the way each topic has a question, an answer, additional information and one or two experiments to further explore the topic...... Maureen Sassano


• My daughter used one of the experiments out of your book and got an "A" on her science fair project this year........Mary Jane Klaybor

• I  think the 330 inventions and discoveries are very helpful and interesting........ Art Weisman

• I  gave my students a gravity experiment from the book and in the next class used that experiment to talk about the topic. My first topic was gravity and it worked great for the kids to have a hands-on understanding......... Indiana School Teacher